What Type of Terpenes Are Found In Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana has compounds that vary by strain...

For people who hear marijuana connoisseurs speak about marijuana, they may hear them talk about the different flavors. To them, this may sound strange, but there is more to medical cannabis than just smoking it or ingesting it. Smell matters when it comes to consuming this relaxing drug.

What Is It?

Terpene is a very new word for people who are just now learning about the different aspects of medical marijuana, but for those who have been researching the various benefits and properties of cannabis, they are familiar with the term. Terpenes are the fragrant oil which gives each type of cannabis plant its own unique smell.

The smell is radiating from the oils that inside of the plant. The oils are found in the plant’s resin glands. The more resin there is the stickier the flower tends to be. You may also be familiar with people speaking about the stickiness of their cannabis plant. This is what they are referring to. These are the same glands that produce the cannabinoids in the plant. So, in this resin and the aromatic area is where you will find the bulk of the THC and CBD; the two most notable cannabinoids in cannabis. Terpenes are not exclusive to cannabis. They are also found in other fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants.

6 Common Scents

The six most common Terpenes are:

Pinene – Sharp, pine, sweet aroma

Linalool –Floral, spice, citrus aroma

Humulene– Wood and earthy aroma

Limonene– Orange, citrus, lemon aroma

Myrcene– Cloves, citrus, musk, herbal aroma

Caryophyllene– Wood, pepper, spice aroma

Some have the scent of berries, others have a sour aroma, and others have sweet floral smells. Which terpenes are in your medical cannabis depend on what type of cannabis you are using for your illness or ailment.

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