Large Migrations from Asia, Europe and Latin America

People have been migrating to America from countries all over the world ever since the U.S. was first established. Today, you will find that majority of the immigrants that make their way to America come from Asia, Latin America and Europe. Some come here illegally, while others await the legal process in their home countries. Either way, upon arriving in the U.S., many immigrants seek the guidance of immigration lawyers to transfer their status from resident to citizen or to help them sponsor a family member to America.

Asian Immigration

A lot of Asians are obtaining visas and work permits in order to legally run businesses in America. You may see a lot of them in the restaurant, beauty and medical industries. Physicians that move to America from Asia must undergo a crucial process that will enable them to practice in the States. Those that come here to go to school will need to apply for a student visa. In order to work in the U.S., you don’t need to be an American citizen, but you would require a work visa, which can be applied for before or after you reach the U.S. Those that want to extend their stay without having to go through paperwork every couple of years to renew their residential status, can obtain citizenship.

South American Immigration

In the news, you hear a lot about the immigrants that come from South America, especially Mexico. It’s been stated that the Mexicans make up about 60% of the immigration population. Other countries in Latin America that commonly come to America include Peru, Brazil and Ecuador, among others. Latinos also account for the large amount of illegal immigration that we find in the United States, which is why many are seeking legal guidance to gain legal residency. DACA is a process that can be used for some Latinos and other nationals that moved here while under 16 years of age, and have attended school or entered into the military.

European Immigration

Migration to the new world never really stopped for the Europeans. Russia and Ireland are still the most prominent when it comes to the amount of migrants that move here. Surprising to some, the number of Irish and Russian immigrants that migrate to the U.S. is up there with Latinos and Asians. Some may believe that obtaining citizenship in the U.S. as a European national is easier, but this isn’t true. The same process must be undergone and the length of time can be just as exhausting.

A lot of the European, Asian and Latin American immigrants mentioned above are concentrated in areas, including New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut and New Hampshire and Boston, bringing a lot of business to immigration lawyers in these regions.

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