The perfect vacation is one where you can relax by the beach, do the tourist activities, and watersports by day and at night party like a rock star. Here are the top two places that offer you the ability to do both. And by the way, sleep is optional.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun by Day

On the Mexican Riviera sits Mexico’s most alluring beach city, Cancun, known for beauty, its gleaming white beaches and all day entertaining. The city’s luxurious coastline invites everything from lazy days spent sunbathing to sailing, and even swimming with dolphins.

In Cancun you can choose a pace and lifestyle to suit you, from ultra-chic to funky laidback beach bum. Cancun is a resort for everybody, from college students on a tight budget to the international rich and famous.

The city features world-renowned fishing, diving and snorkeling, archeological sites dating back thousands of years, a balmy tropical climate and water sports galore.

Cancun has fun things for kids including the popular Interactive Aquarium, and for adults like its championship golf courses.

And it excels at full-service resorts where you can keep busy 24 hours a day just participating in the many activities and tours.

All this is available, and yet with white sand beaches, crystal indigo seas, romantic Caribbean nights Cancun remains a tranquil retreat where you can relax along the peaceful shore of the Caribbean.

Cancun by Night

Cancun is also world famous for its nightlife. The city is filled with dozens of nightclubs, discos and bars that are packed seven nights a week. The discos go all night, and the bars range from upscale to downright funky. Live music and Karaoke ring through the night amidst the blasting disco music. Whatever your mood, you will find it here. Mini skirt and bikini contests, Ladies Nights where women drink for free, and all types of shows for any taste. Cancun’s nightlife is something to behold and an experience not to be missed. And best of all, the fun is only a stone’s throw from your hotel, so getting back there is easy.


Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui by Day

Koh Samui is an island in Thailand that has become popular with budget travelers and wealthy destination seekers. Its mix of mid-level hotels and five star resorts give everyone a chance to experience this white sand paradise. From the hustle and bustle of Chaweng Beach to the timeless Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village to the tropical paradise of Maenam, Koh Samui delivers an experience that is rich and fulfilling for the masses.

Samui offers a complete range of options for singles, couples and families. Honeymooners can choose from deluxe hotels, inclusive resorts, and Michelin-starred restaurants; parents can book family-friendly hotels with complete childcare services and Western food, and those nervous about being on an island far away from home, can find comfort in the westernized atmosphere the island offers.

In terms of relaxing, there are beaches and sunshine everywhere. From nearly any hotel, you can simply walk across the road, lay down a mat and soak up sun.

The island is also one of the best yoga and spa destinations in the world, with beautifully designed, top rated spas set in its inner island rain forests. Here you can spend your days amidst classic Thai architecture and greenery, being pampered and indulged. For relaxation Koh Samui can’t be beat.

Kho Samui by Night

The nightlife on Koh Samui nightlife is amongst the best in the world. Since almost everyone on the island is on holiday, or working within the tourism sector, there is something to do every night.

The atmosphere in the main tourist beaches at night is festive and options for partying range from refined cocktail lounges and quiet beachside dining, to raucous bars and discos.

And if you want the ultimate partying experience, the island’s twice-a-month full moon parties are legendary and continue to attract an endless stream of visitors keen to party on the soft white sand until the break of day.

With taxis always available, it’s easy to find your way back to your villa or hotel room, or if you really overdo it, you can sleep off a hangover on the beach.

Come to Cancun or Koh Samui if you want it all; to relax during the day and party ay night like its 1999!