There are many places on the planet that are memorable for their skylines, culture, or kinetic energy. There are other places that stand out because of their restaurants, cafes or nightlife. But there are only a few places that overwhelm you with their sheer beauty. These places are truly paradise and we have found them for you.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora has to be seen to be truly appreciated. It is according to some simply the most beautiful place on Earth. Its nickname, the Jewel of the South Seas, perhaps gives an indication of its true beauty, and why it is one of the most sought after vacation paradises and the dream destination for honeymooners.

Bora Bora is the most celebrated island in the South Sea nation of Tahiti and is part of French Polynesia. The island has become famous for its over-the-water bungalows that allow guests to sleep on the water, in their own private oasis.

But the island offers so much more. You will be enthralled by soaring mountain peaks of Mount Otemanu, enchanted by the lush forests, and of course awed by the turquoise lagoons surrounding the entire island.

The island entertains guests with popular activities including snorkeling, diving, cruising, fishing, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, Jet Skiing, and of course, shark and ray feeding. You can also take your experience to new heights by parasailing, skydiving, or touring the island by helicopter.

But perhaps its greatest feature is its ability to completely take you away from the stress and worry of the world. With some of the most beautiful resorts in the world, with spas and room service by boat, and staff who pamper you to the extreme, you feel as if you are in your own private world crafted to fit your needs.

Your enchantment with Bora Bora will begin when you approach this one of a kind paradise by air, and it will continue as you experience it, and it will never stop. Bora Bora is simply unforgettable.

Palawan Island, Philippines

As the jewel of the Philippines and blessed with some of the most picturesque scenes on the planet, Palawan Island is a joy to behold. Its crystal blue waters, limestone cliffs, and fine white sand beaches surround a lush forest that features dramatic mountain peaks. Palawan has been recognized as a paradise on Earth by the readers of Travel and Leisure Magazine who for the second time have named it the world’s best island.

Described as the last frontier, Palawan has a history dating back 50,000 years and chronicled in artifacts found on the island. The island today is dotted with small fishing villages and mid-level and high-end resort hotels that seem to come right out of the undergrowth.

The island’s forests are a sanctuary for rare wildlife can be found on the islands, including the Philippine Mouse Deer, the Philippine Pangolin and the Palawan Bearcat. There are also rare species of beautiful butterflies and moths.

The island offer visitors extraordinary hiking, diving, beaches and has some of the best scuba-diving in the world in its famous Coron Bay.

Palawan is located about an hour and a half from Manila by plane and is also accessible by boat from Iloilo and Cebu.


For a true paradise on Earth, you should consider the Maldives. The water is a crystal clear turquoise and just made for photos. The temperatures is a constant 30°C throughout the year. And the resorts are some of the most extravagant anywhere. And with palm trees, turquoise reefs, white sandy sun-kissed beaches, and light blue seas, it is also a place full of beauty.

Each resort on the Maldives sits on its own island making it perfect for a honeymoon or when you want to get away from everything and everyone. And many of these five star resorts have been built by the top international hoteliers.

They each feature spas, fine dining and activities for everyone. Speaking of activities, there is ever water sport you can think of, and Maldives is recognized as having the best diving on the planet. Guests can expect to see amazing coral, schools of tropical fish, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and 26 species of Sharks.

Soak it all in and have dinner in your villa as the sun sets and you will understand why Maldives is truly paradise on Earth.

No matter which Island you visit you can’t go wrong. One thing though, be prepared to relax and unwind and leave your cares behind.