10 reasons you absolutely must take a tour when you travel

Tours are often ignored as touristy or silly. People sometimes think of them as only for old people or for people that aren’t “real” travelers. Forget all that because tours are awesome. Once you have done a few, you will be enchanted just like we are. Here are some of our reasons for why we love tours.

Great discounts

There are great bargains to be had with tours. A great way to find discounted vacation tours is Touropp, they are a company of like-minded tour operators that wanted to provide a better service and better discounts. On a tour, they can get much reduced rates for experience and attractions for the group that you might not be able to get yourself.

It’s easy

You don’t have to think too much when you are on the tour. Once you pick which tour you want, off you go. Everything is pretty much-taken care f for you after that.

You make new friends

Tours can be any number of people, from 5 to 50 or more. You will travel the day or week with new people, all with a similar experience to share. The conversation will never be lacking and it is a great way to make new friends.

See places you might not know exist

You will go places that you might never have thought of to go by yourself. Tours will take you almost anywhere and let you experience different cultures and histories of many locations. They will often take you many places in a day where you might only visit a couple.


Safety is important when traveling, especially for women travelers. When you are in a group, and have an attentive tour guide watching out for you, there is little chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tours are always made as safe as possible as it is the tour companies reputation to make sure all other guests are happy and safe.

Learn more about things

If you have a good tour guide, you can learn so much more about each area. You can learn special histories, as well as anecdotes that might not be in any guidebook. A good tour guide will keep you entertained and fill your thirst for knowledge.

No stress

When you are on a tour there really isn’t any stress or worries. You are guided and watched over to make sure everything is ok. With a tour, you are never worried how you are going to get back or if you will get lost.

Easier to manage your budget

Once you pay for a tour, that’s pretty much it. Any other expenses will be optional, such as buying presents or tasting new foods. You can stay on your budget easily, unlike when you are on your own. Just trying to figure how much a taxi will cost getting to the next place can be a challenge.

Unique experiences

Often a tour will take you places you can’t go on your own. They sometimes make arrangements with locations so you can go “behind the scenes for some things, or arrange special performances. We think it is definitely worth it. There are also many tips and unique experiences to be had out there.

Like tours like minds

You can take tours that fit you and what you like to do, and also share it with others of a like mind. If you like to walk, there are many walking and hiking tours. There are bicycle tours for those that like to ride. There are different tours for almost every lifestyle, from wine tours to extreme sports tours. Specialty tours are another way to make friends you meet on a tour for life.

We can’t say enough about going of tours. We have met and made great friends and acquaintances over the years and kept in touch with many of them. Go to the tour site, find something that appeals to you, and then go for it. You won’t look back.