Taking Care of Your Home While You’re Traveling

Every day,  people all over the world prepare to leave their homes and travel overseas to explore new areas and countries. An important part of planning for an overseas trip is making sure that your home is prepared for you to be away for an extended period of time. Arranging for your bills to be paid on time, making accommodations for pet care, and having your home checked on once a week are just some of the items on the list.

Fortunately, with a few phone calls and personal talks with close friends, neighbors and family members, these most important items can easily be taken care of in time for your extended travel adventure.

One of the most popular ways that travelers on a budget care for their possessions and homes while away is to have a personal friend or family member do regular checks on the property. They can gather your mail and place it inside the home, making it not easily apparent to onlookers that someone has not been collecting mail and that the home is sitting empty. In today’s society, there are many smart technology items that can be implemented into the home and are able to be connected to the owner’s smartphone, giving the homeowner the opportunity to keep tabs on everything important inside the home.

With that said, events can unfold at home which prove unavoidable even with the right amount of preparation. For example, a downstairs neighbor can start a fire which spreads to your unit above, or flooding can occur while you are away. It’s a good idea to look into renters insurance cost and quotes from several insurers before going on your extended trip, in order to add a layer of protection in the event your possessions are damaged or stolen.

For pet owners, taking time to prep your home before leaving is important for not only the owner but the pet themselves. With many options for pet care, including boarding rooms or a personal pet sitter, there is always an option to be found. With searches online or suggestions from friends, a pet sitter/walker can be hired for the time that the owner will be overseas. A pet sitter can come in daily or multiple times a day, depending on the arrangement, to walk your pet or just show some affection while you are away. A sitter will feed and water your animal and clean up any messes that were caused during the pet’s alone time. If the owner is uncomfortable with a sitter, many friends or family members could also assist for an added peace of mind.

One thing that may not cross many people’s minds when they are planning an overseas trip is the bills that will come due during the travel time. If you are aware that there will be bills due, it is smartest to pay them up front before leaving the country. This will keep late fees and disconnections from happening while you are traveling abroad. Many bills can be done through mobile phone apps or through an online website, making it very easy to pay those dues while traveling at the time they are due.

Having a trusted friend, neighbor or family member assist with the home care and pet care is a great way to make sure that your affairs and belongings are safe and cared for while you are traveling overseas. There are services that can be found online or through word of mouth that can assist in some of the daily or weekly functions of your home. A maid service can come in and dust and clean for you while you are traveling and a lawn care service can handle your lawn maintenance. Having a home that looks kept up and clean will assist in keeping wandering eyes from suspecting that a home is sitting empty and unwatched!